Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with trying to improve my body for both aesthetic and health purposes. Having scoured bodybuilding and health forums for years, I was always trying to find the perfect routine or perfect nutrition plan to help me with those plans. I found an Ebook a few months ago, namely No Nonsense Muscle Building in order to help me achieve those targets, to make things a bit easier.

I first read about Vince on bodybuilding.com forums, and found his story to be a lot like mine – scrawny kid that wants to add on some muscle, and ends up adding on a lot! I liked the way he presented his articles – much better than some guy in a white coat telling me which type of carb to eat at what time! The best thing about it was however, that he had gone through the same thing I was going through, and the fact that he had actually managed to transform himself said a lot. It would be worth clicking the link and checking out his before and after pictures, you’ll see what I mean!

Onto the book itself. It’s a 201-page book that goes into comprehensive detail about workouts, nutrition and the like. Some of the info might be a bit hard to follow for the average person, as I found out when I first read it, but worry not, as it all starts making sense. What I liked best about the book was the fact Vince didn’t really try and lure the reader into thinking there was a ‘magic pill’ they could take and achieve their desired body, or that results would happen overnight. He firmly states that individuals should try and listen to their own bodies more, and see what works best for them. I won’t give too much away, as I read lengthy reviews about the book before buying it, and it sort of lessened the excitement for me personally.

To end, therefore, have a click of the link No Nonsense Muscle Building – even if you still aren’t convinced on giving it a shot, check out his before and after pictures, as I’m sure they’ll blow you away! What have you got to lose, apart from a few lbs?