Steroids, Love em? Then leave the game!

This is a huge issue not only for baseball or sports, but for life in general. We have pro athletes getting juiced and some seem to be ok with it. I agree that it can make the sports more exciting such as with more long balls in baseball anyway but it is at the expense of unfair advantage to those that choose to cheat the system.

If we allow for steroids to be ok for professional athletes then where do we draw line. Just when you get to the show? Yeah, right! So, then you are having those to get to the professional level using roids. With sports being so competitive most would like to get an edge early on, so that only opens up steroid use for kids. We already have enough children throughout the US using drugs but now you introduce a whole new low of kids need to get juiced so they can take their game to another level. Not only kids would be looking for an edge but if it’s good for professional athletes why wouldn’t it be good for me? Not to mention the fact that many kids look up to athletes as heroes. Where does it stop?

As for baseball, anybody that gets found out for steroids they should either not be allowed to be in Cooperstown or should at the very least have an asterisk beside their name. Back in the old days the strike zone was knees to the letters. Now, realistically, it’s like upper thigh to mid-stomach. With pro baseball players using steroids, my goodness it’s no wonder we have so many guys that tear the cover off the ball. How about we shrink the strike zone some more and allow pro baseball players to get juiced and then you’ll really see some numbers. Is there really any mystery why there aren’t that many good pitchers left any more? It’s as if really the old school pitchers like Schilling, Clemens, Johnson, Pedro and a few others are the only pitchers that stay constantly good because they’ve been doing it for so long and have been able perfect the art of pitching. With the different pitches and control these pitchers have mastered the plate to stretch it as much as possible because with as small as the strike zone has become it’s really to their disadvantage, but this is another whole issue.

Anyway, as seen by Giambi with his body deteriorating which is probably due to steroids if steroids are allowed to be a part of the game you’re looking at players having nowhere near as much of a career especially if they start at the high school or college level using of such substances.

Lastly another issue that’s not exactly on the main topic, but these guys are obviously making entirely too much money if they can blow so much money on the drugs itself. Not to mention I know many of them are probably paying a pretty penny in order to keep it confidential by using Labs like BALCO as well as making it so no traces of such drugs can be detected.

In my opinion the use of steroids is obviously gaining an edge/cheating. Not to say Poker is a sport even though it is now on ESPN, but if you get caught cheating in Gambling/Poker then they throw your butt out of the casino or whatever kind of place the event might take place it. Therefore, in summary if you want to cheat throw em out of the sport…good luck finding a job gentlemen!!!