Read The Book That May Save Your Life!

Steroids kill! That’s the cold, hard, unadulterated truth. But you’ve probably heard otherwise by the many voices that now support drug use for athletes. In that case, you really need to read this important new book by Tom Ciola. It will give you a whole new perspective on whether or not you should be using anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

“But I heard that the dangers of using steroids have been blown completely out of proportion just to scare athletes,” some of you are probably saying. 

If that’s what you really think, you’re wrong – maybe even dead wrong! The way they are being used today, bodybuilding drugs are extremely dangerous and for some of you reading this promotion, they will even be a matter of life and death! So before you go putting your life on the line, you may want to order your free copy of this long overdue book.

Today’s muscle is tomorrow’s fat!

Sure steroids work – and work unbelievably well – despite the fact that there are still a few researchers out there who say they do little to improve athletic performance. That’s just total B.S. It’s indisputable that large doses of anabolic drugs definitely increase muscle size and strength.

But what goes up must come down and that was never truer than with steroids. The very muscle and strength that you chemically build with drugs will begin to diminish immediately the day you stop using them. And therein lies the hook that is going to get you hooked. No matter what you do short of staying on drugs year round, the minute you come off a cycle, whatever gains you’ve made will start to disappear.

Faced with this indisputable fact, some bodybuilders have concluded that the best way to get around the crash is to stay on steroids indefinitely – using relatively low dosages or switching to less potent anabolics during their “off” cycles.

But here’s the ugly truth! Steroid gains won’t last unless you keep using more and more of them.

And that brings up another serious problem. Chances are that when you first start using steroids, you will experience very quick and noticeable improvements in strength and size. But as with all pharmaceuticals, your body will eventually develop a tolerance for steroids, meaning that you have to keep taking more and more of them just to get the same results. And of course, with higher dosages come higher risks. Is that the road you are prepared to go down once you start?

And what about the cost? These drugs don’t come cheap. In fact, many athletes are spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on their drug cycles – often at the expense of other debts left unpaid. And to get around the high cost, some athletes are even willing to offer themselves sexually to the ever-present bevy of predators who are only too willing to exchange drug money for sex. Yes – it can get very ugly and dirty in the world of performance-enhancing drugs!

And once you start using these drugs you better prepare yourself for a slew of possible injuries. That’s because – while steroids indisputably build muscle – they do little or nothing for your tendons and ligaments, making you much more prone to tears, pulls, strains and even debilitating, career-ending injuries. Oh for a few moments of glory!

Weigh all the risks before you start.

So what’s the point? Is this book just about scare tactics? Not really. That’s the easy part. The truth is so frightening it really doesn’t need to be embellished to scare anyone! The real point is this. Steroids just aren’t worth the risk. Once you start using them, there’s a good chance you will be on them for years. You will then be riding a pharmaceutical merry-go-round that is extremely difficult to get off. And the longer you use them, the greater the risk of a serious health problem. No trophy, no victory, no high paying sports contract is ever worth destroying your life for. This book will tell you stories of athletes who bought into the terrible lies of steroids. You will read in their own words of the hell that steroids put them through.

If you are already using steroids – hopefully this book will prompt you to quit while you’re ahead. If you’re thinking of using steroids, weigh all of these risks before you ever go on that first cycle. Just remember. This isn’t some sort of game without consequences. Unfortunately, for many of you – steroids will be a matter of life and death.