Azolol-Stanozolol Tablet

Stanozolol is one of the 17-alpha-alkyl derivatives. This steroid occurs once as an oral dosage form, and secondly as an injectable. When world-renowned Winstrol Depot is patented by the company in 1962, Sterling anabolic-androgenic steroid stanozolol in America. Winstrol Depot is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which was also 17-alpha-alkylated to the oral availability of the drug to improve stanozolol. Winstrol is structurally designed so that it can not be converted by aromatase to estrogen. Consequently estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia are water retention and storage of additional body fat when using stanozolol not an issue.

Winstrol Depot is in addition to the oral dosage form is also available as winstrol injection. The term solution for injection in this context is not entirely accurate, since the active substance Stanozolol is present in the aqueous solution in the form of small, water-insoluble particles. Technically, it is with injectable Winstrol Depot then a suspension. This property of injectable Winstrol Depot makes counterfeiting more difficult to manufacture than other anabolic steroids, Stanozolol as the insoluble suspended particles settle as a white layer at the bottom of the vial when it is not moving for a day. For this reason, before injecting Winstrol Depot and mix well so that you get a suspension again. This has been shown that a gentle back and forth rolls of Winstrol Depot ampule is better than a vigorous shaking, because the latter leads to a large number of air bubbles in the liquid, which dissolve slowly. Different injectable Winstrol Depot products have a different particle size of suspended particles Stanozolol, Winstrol which provides for the use in humans is usually smaller particles Stanozolol, Winstrol Depot as injection solutions in the veterinary field. This difference in size of the Stanozolol suspended particles has different consequences in practice. While it is required for injection of larger Stanozolol particles have a thicker needle and burning at the injection site more fails, performs the larger particle size of the Stanozolol particles simultaneously to a better depot effect since dissolving these Stanozolol particles in the body more slowly than smaller Stanozolol particles.

Interestingly, it is with injectable Winstrol Depot by the same 17-alpha-alkylated agent stanozolol, which is also in the oral dosage form of Winstrol Depot uses. Although the injection of Winstrol Depot the “first pass” is eliminated by the liver of oral administration of Stanozolol, Winstrol Depot injected due to the alkylation of liver is more harmful than most other injectable steroids. The fact that injectable Winstrol is 17-alpha-alkylated, has led to the widespread view that injectable Winstrol Depot without loss of effect could drink. This is not entirely accurate. Oral administration of a Winstrol depot injection solution has even some effect, but this is between 20 and 50% weaker than the effect of the same amount of stanozolol, which was administered in the form of an injection. Another myth is the widespread belief Winstrol, stanozolol that leads to the injection site to a local muscle growth. While it is true that the muscle that was injected into the Winstrol increases in size, but this is likely to lead to a local inflammatory reaction to the injected particles back stanozolol.
Although injectable Winstrol under the name Winstrol Depot is located in the commercial, this depot effect is short-lived, which means that Winstrol in practice every day, or at least every other day is injected. The observed dose levels in this area range from 50 mg every other day up to 100 mg daily.


Here is used Stanzolol to achieve a steady muscle growth. The property of the drug combination than stonzolol to be effective, the more bodybuilding benefits. A major reason for the application of this is hardly the substrate occurs wasserspreicherung. In the practical fitness-oriented athletes inject 50mg every other day Stanzolol. An increase in strength, however, remains limited. In the martial arts sector is Stanzolol favored, since a is observed moderate increase in strength and muscle without the athletes are determined. in sports, in which the force component is important Stanzolol seems to play a major role. The variety of the drug on these athletes tested positive speaks for itself.


Stanzolol diet has become an urgent necessity for all. because of the drug has its own qualities Stanzolol for every bodybuilder in the diet of the usual escort phenomena such as loss of muscle mass or decrease the force wants to prevent Indispensable made. At an average dosage of 50 mg all 2 to 3 days can be assumed that the get muscle mass and strength remains stable. Stanzolol is probably the best basic material for a while even a solid muscle gain diet to achieve. weight-oriented athletes are in the application of this drug does not achieve results as without zufiredenstellenden call values ​​increase water storage at no great weight and mass to be expected. To aubauen even at the end of the diet muscle mass can injiezieren athletes 50mg daily Stanzolol. When it comes to the worth of water-free muscle mass, is alos Stanzolol the best for basic drug combination. The injected into different muscle groups for the purposes of an enlargement of the muscle has not proven to read each case in each. Since muscle groups only by the painful injection procedure-even for small problems occur, the successful application of partial limited to the shoulder.